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Message from the Chairman: Hisao Yoshihara

(2016.04.01)Culture-exchange programs are waiting for you.
Spring being just around the corner, I suppose that each of foreign people residing in Inzai is also determined to make a fresh start for the new stage of life.
From the bottom of my heart, I wish that those would be adapting themselves to the surroundings and begin the pleasant living as soon as possible, and for that we, Inzai citizens, would extend any support and assistance to them without reserve, as well.
I further wish that our association would provide the students of schools in the city, who also have new term in spring, with any kind of opportunities to get more familiar and acquainted with people and things of foreign countries.
This year of 2016 marks the 20th anniversary of inauguration of the City of Inzai. As one of the commemorative programs, the city will send 20 junior high school students to Australia for a short term study. We hope that the program will be carried out with great success.
Our association would like to continue making even greater efforts to promote the international exchanges of culture and friendship in conjunction with our members and citizens.
Please feel free to join us.

Message from the Mayor Masanao ITAKURA, Honorary Chairman of IIFA, Mayor of Inzai City

In line with the development of Globalization, foreign residents living in the City of Inzai has recently been increased in number year by year.  Under these circumstances, the City Office set out the International Planning & Policy Division with the purpose of developing the environment where foreign residents are provided with the amenity for their daily life in the community.  Efforts and supportive measures have also been made and taken for international friendship exchange to promote the cross cultural understanding where the Japanese citizens and foreign residents can mutually recognize and respect their culture each other thereby building up the multi-cultural symbiosis in the society.  I earnestly hope and expect that the members of Inzai City International Friendship Association will continue their positive activities addressing to Japanese language lessons and various personal consultation for the foreign residents including a series of exchange events towards the embodiment of the lively society for all residents in the City.