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Inzai City International Friendship Association

Board Member

Chairperson Hisao Yoshihara
Vice Chairperson Kensho Honoki
Tsunehiro Kawakita
Account Tsunehiro Kawakita
General Affairs Manager Shoji Bando
Public Relations Manager Tetsuya Nakatani
Cultural Exchange Manager Kensho Honoki
Vice Manager Mikao Haruta
Language Classes Manager Tsunehiro Kawakita
Japanese Language Class “Ribbon” Manager Mikao Haruta
Vice Manager Chiyoko Hashimoto
Auditor Yoshiyuki Suzaki
Takeshi Inaba


April 1,2001


Through citizen-oriented activities in the local community, to contribute to the globalization centering on multi-cultural symbiosis thereby fostering up the dream towards future and to render services for the cross cultural understanding and enhancement of international friendship in the municipal society.

Annual Membership Fee

Individual 2,000yen
Family 1,000yen  
Student 1,000yen  
Corporate 10,000yen

Condition of Admission

Corporation or individual who agrees to the objective of Association


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